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Are You Looking for a Penfriend? Go ahead and find one here! 122662 penfriends from all over the World...


Your help is welcome!

Unfortunately, we are not English native speakers. Our English is not perfect. Accept our apology for all mistakes you come across. If you find any, please let us know. Your correction is highly welcome if English is your mother tongue.

What is the purpose of this site?

We are from the Czech Republic and we would like to help people from all over the world to contact each other and to find new friends.

Why should I join?

If you are looking for a friend for exchange of e-mails or more, this is your chance. You can register your advertisement or simply find a friend among advertisements already listed.

Is it really free?


How do I become a member?

By filling the registration form.

Is my e-mail address safe?

Yes. Your safety and confidentiality is our primary concern.

Why did I not receive a confirmation e-mail?

The most common reasons:

Spam filter - check your spam folder

User unknown; this user does not exist; mailbox unavailable (bad or inactive e-mail address, register with another correct e-mail address)

Your mailbox is full (release your mailbox and write your e-mail in the category Edit your Ad)

You wrote your e-mail with www by mistake (register with another correct e-mail address)

All advertisments with bad or unavailable addresses are almost immediately deleted.

How could I add a picture to my ad?

You can send your picture by e-mail to:
Our e-mail

What is the format, size and dimension of the picture?

JPG, JPEG (most digital cameras use this format)

File size limit: up to 1 MB

Display dimension: max 640x640 (pixels) - the most common 480x640, 640x480, 428x640, 640x428 (pixels)

Keep in mind to resize your image to max 640x640 pixels - Load the image into the picture editor of your choice. Practically all will have a "reduce size" option on their menus somewhere. Save it in the new file as a .JPG (JPEG image) and you can send it to our e-mail.

Be sure to send us the picture from the e-mail address you are registered or do not forget to write the correct e-mail address to which we should match the photo.

Send only one picture once. Only pictures with your face or face with body can be accepted.

How long will it take for my image to appear on the site?

Remember, it is a free project. It takes a few weeks to add your picture.

How could I become a VIP member and what are the benefits?

You can become a VIP member by Paypal donation to our website. We appreciate your support, there is no minimum amount, we expect the token charge of several USD or EUR.


We reserve the right to delete your advertisement or to remove the content in your details, in the event, the content violates any rules or guidelines of our website.

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  • your advertisement will be sorted before other members in search results

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