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Tony, M, 1957, United Kingdom
Writing language: English
Correspondence: e-mail
Thanks for looking at my profile. I'm happily married but I've worked mostly in female environments and prefer chatting with women. I have female penfriends across the world but for some reason none in the UK. It would be nice to find one. I live in Scotland and I have a wide range of interests: coastal and countryside walks, animals and nature, most types of music up to the mid-'80s, films (mainly older ones), reading (mostly crime fiction, social history and a little fantasy) and current events. If you have different interests I'll enjoy learning about them. I'm equally comfortable discussing daily life, world politics or what sort of day we've had. I'm intelligent, friendly and courteous I think I'm humorous, so laid-back I'm almost horizontal(!), and I'm told I'm a good listener! I'm quite liberal in my views and probably would not get on well with someone with strong conservative or religious views. I hope to hear from you.
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Registration: 19th May 2013      Last change: 4th February 2018

PAPUN, M, 1980, India
Writing language: English, Hindi
Correspondence: both e-mail and snail mail
HI Friend, I am a cute hearted man and I want the true friends who will remain my friend forever. We are all under the same beautiful sky, so we can be good friends. I WANT FRIENDS FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD FOR LIFELONG FRIENDSHIP. I am doing IT Business and I Love Life. Please contact me. Thank you.
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Registration: 15th April 2004      Last change: 8th January 2018

Joti, M, 1982, Nepal
Writing language: English, Hindi, Korean
Correspondence: e-mail
I am Joti Lamsal from Nepal. My profession is travel(Trekking) guide in mountain so, it is very hard to contract on internet with my valuable all friends. so I want to give my cell phone no. +9779841697658. Everybody be my friend. I want this type of friend who want to really friend whenever happy and happy less .I don't care of age, religion, condition and sex. hope to hear from soon. Joti Lamsal +9779841697658
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Registration: 5th June 2012      Last change: 7th January 2018

margaret tosin, F, 1996, United Kingdom
Writing language: English
Correspondence: both e-mail and snail mail
Hi, my name is Margaret. I'm 21 years old, turning 22 soon and currently live in Manchester. Before I lived in Manchester I used to live in Yorkshire, which is North of England. Before I moved to Yorkshire, I used to live in London. I am currently in my first year of university studying Psychology with another subject which I'm really interested in. I went to university late as I spent two years working in a small business. I plan to go travelling the world one day and visiting many new places. I'm not excellent at learning new languages but I'm willing to try. I like learning new things and meeting people from different places and cultures. I'm open minded, liberal and friendly. I try not to be biased or judge people. I enjoy listening to different types of music, laughing, talking to new people, reading, writing and loads of other things. I have whatsapp and I'm willing to consider communicating through snail mail as well as email.
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Registration: 4th January 2013      Last change: 25th December 2017

Monika, F, 1986, United Kingdom
Writing language: English, Spanish, Lithuanian
Correspondence: both e-mail and snail mail
Hey there, my name is Monika. I was born in beautiful Lithuania but living in UK for over 7 years now. I love travelling and meeting new people so drop me an email if you are looking for e-friends. P.S. i am crazy about latin america :)
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Registration: 12th December 2017

Fatih, M, 1981, Turkey
Writing language: Turkish, English
Correspondence: e-mail
Hi from Istanbul, Turkiye. My name's Fatih. I'm married and I have to children. a son and a daughter. I want to meet new people and cultures. I want to improve my english and learn new languages. I love to travel and go hiking. We can share our cultures and teach each other our languages. See you
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Registration: 6th December 2017

Kasia, F, 1991, Poland
Writing language: English, Czech
Correspondence: e-mail
Hi! I'm Kasia, I'm from Poland and looking for pen friends ! I'm interested in music, art and photography. I love good movies and breathtaking literature! I enjoy to go on a film festivals and concerts! I love a cup of good tea. I would like to improve my English so I want to talk with foreign friends! People all over the world mail me ! Fell free to write to me, I'll be very happy if we become a good friends! I think culture exchange is incredibly interesting and no matter where you live and who you are, we can talk a lot about cultural differences ! Recently I started to learn new language - Russian (do you also think study new languages is exciting?) so if you're Russian and want sometimes write me few words or even sentence in your beautiful language and help me to learn new words - write without hesitate! ;) (yes I already can read cyrilic) I'm crazy about Czech culture and literature! I love this country and one day I will be live there for sure! :)
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Registration: 20th September 2009      Last change: 28th November 2017

Luca, M, 1990, Italy
Writing language: English, Italian, German
Correspondence: both e-mail and snail mail
Hey, I'm Luca and i'm a 27 years old guy who likes music and everything connected with having fun. What are you waiting for? Write me :D
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Registration: 20th December 2005      Last change: 15th November 2017

Anna, F, 2000, Russia
Writing language: Russian, English
Correspondence: both e-mail and snail mail
Hi guys) I hope, that u are fine, so... Let's start))) My name is Ann. I'm 17 y.o. girl from Moscow. I have lots of interests and I'd like to tell you about some of them. Firstly, I adore listeting to music. To be honest, it plays very important role in my life. I don't have any preferences in music: I listen to everything that touches me. Moreover, I'm keen on musicals: Brodway, French, Russian//. Musicals have really big influence on me. Secondly, I can't imagine my life without books. They help me to forget about problems that upset me, about world aroun me... My fav genre is dystopia: "1984", "Brave New World", "We", "Animal Farm"... Oh, God, amazing books! Finally, I like travelling and making new friends, that's why I'm here :3 I'd like to have penfriends from all over the world!) So...You're welcome) Lots of love, Ann
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Registration: 12th December 2015      Last change: 10th November 2017

DR Mekanik, M, 1983, Turkey
Writing language: Turkish, English, German
Correspondence: e-mail
Hi Guys, I am a Mechanical Engineer and tech-savvy person ;)) I would like to flourish my English and German in advanced form by corresponding with a native speakers. I do not matter your nationality, religion or gender. I do not care any of them. And I really hate when the people matter them. If anybody would like to correspond, please do not hesitate to drop me a line. Feel free to write. I do always respond mails Bye ;)))
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Registration: 6th July 2010      Last change: 29th October 2017

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