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gubtan, M, 1977, Hungary
Writing language: English, Hungarian
Correspondence: both e-mail and snail mail
I'm looking for interesting penfriends all over the world! We can talk about anything, I'm an open-minded person. I would like to find penfriends with whom we can build up a possible friendship. I would like to mail with interesting people who are funny and they will not shut themselves out of the personal encounter either. I look forward to the emails because it could be "the beginning of a beautiful friendship". Have a nice day!
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Registration: 20th February 2009      Last change: 27th February 2019

Agustin, M, 1979, Argentina
Writing language: English, Spanish, Portuguese
Correspondence: e-mail
Hello, I'm Agustin, from Buenos Aires, Argentina, and I'd like to write to people from all over the world, to talk about life, the universe and everything ;-). I love watching films and I'm a science fiction fan, I also love series from USA and I love computers, of course, I'm an engineer! I love reading novels, especially classical novels, I also love rock music and I'm a huge fan of The Beatles. I also love classical music and I'm learning to play the piano. I also speak Portuguese and I would love to continue practicing it. Anyway, I love having penfriends and see the world through different eyes, learn about other cultures and ways of life. I'm waiting for your message!
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Registration: 12th September 2013      Last change: 14th February 2019

David, M, 1978, Spain
Writing language: Spanish
Correspondence: e-mail
Hello my name is David. Sorry for my English, my awful inglish... I am a boy from Spain, my town this near Barcelona.... I would like to know a people for friendship. Until soon.....
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Registration: 9th August 2004      Last change: 10th December 2018

Valeria, F, 1982, Ukraine
Writing language: English, Spanish, French
Correspondence: e-mail
Hello :-) I'm looking for penfriends from all over the world. So if U want to have a good friend just write me :-)
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Registration: 18th April 2014      Last change: 30th November 2018

Tony, M, 1957, United Kingdom
Writing language: English
Correspondence: e-mail
Thanks for looking at my profile. I'm happily married but I've worked mostly in female environments and prefer chatting with women. I have female penfriends across the world but for some reason none in the UK. It would be nice to find one. I live in Scotland and I have a wide range of interests: coastal and countryside walks, animals and nature, most types of music up to the mid-'80s, films (mainly older ones), reading (mostly crime fiction, social history and a little fantasy) and current events. If you have different interests I'll enjoy learning about them. I'm equally comfortable discussing daily life, world politics or what sort of day we've had. I'm intelligent, friendly and courteous I think I'm humorous, so laid-back I'm almost horizontal(!), and I'm told I'm a good listener! I'm quite liberal in my views and probably would not get on well with someone with strong conservative or religious views. I hope to hear from you.
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Registration: 19th May 2013      Last change: 26th November 2018

Oksana, F, 1988, Russia
Writing language: Russian, English
Correspondence: e-mail
Hello! My name is Oksana,and I'm from Southern Russia. I'm happily married with two children, and that's why I don't searching a romantic here. I want to meet some friends all over the world, because I'm interesting another culture, traditions, another view on things. I live in eco village in Russia. Three years ago we left our city and moved next the nature.This way of life very different like living in the city, but really amazing. My interests is gardening, children, handicrafts, reading books, learning language. If you want to write to me, I'll be happy to talk about this things))) If you live in eco village no matter where on the earth, or you are interesting permaculture, it will be very useful and interesting to contact with you! ))
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Registration: 11th February 2010      Last change: 20th November 2018

Andrea, F, 1997, Czech Republic
Writing language: English, German
Correspondence: e-mail
Hey guys,I'm Andrea from Czech republic, I'd like to make some new friends:) Write me :) see ya..
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Registration: 18th January 2015      Last change: 18th November 2018

Eliska, F, 1986, Czech Republic
Writing language: English, Czech
Correspondence: e-mail
Hi :-) I want to write with some gentleman and improve my english in nice conversation on common themes. Or if somebody wants to try speaking czech I can help ;-) I like: my job, photography, psychology, traveling, horseback riding, hiking across nature, music.....and life :-) I think it will be better if you write to me and ask :-) E.
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Registration: 16th November 2005      Last change: 16th November 2018

Zoltan, M, 1968, Hungary
Writing language: English, Russian, Hungarian
Correspondence: e-mail
Hi, I use to live in England, so I can speak English. I also use to learn Russian at school, but unfortunately I forgot, only a couple of words remained. I watch new Russian movies with English subtitles, so I am practicing again. My main target is to refresh my Russian, so if anyone could me write in Russian, I would answer. Even if it will be a bunch of nonsense at the beginning. Right now I haven't got a clue about how to type cyrill alphabet, but I will find out.
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Registration: 3rd November 2018

Jerry, M, 1961, United States
Writing language: English, German, Spanish
Correspondence: e-mail
Aloha! My name is Jerry. As in Tom & Jerry. You know, the cartoon Cat and Mouse. I am a tall, white, clean, educated gentleman. I have lived in many countries. I live in Hawaii, USA. I like to travel. I am a university graduate. I can help you with English. You may write to me in English, Spanish, German, French, Russian and maybe even a little Czech!
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Registration: 5th April 2007      Last change: 18th October 2018

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