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Vitaliy, M, 1980, Ukraine
Writing language: Ukrainian, Russian, English
Correspondence: e-mail
I’m Vitaliy, live in Ukraine. However, I’ve been to many countries and fought many wars-) but still wish to go on discovering people and things. One thing I’ve found out is that friends aren’t getting bigger over time and unfortunately the time itself isn’t long as well. I kind of got the impression that friends and time like two lines intersect in the point where the dice gets reset, but nevertheless I’m not scared of being left alone – out of ignorance or thru optimistic fanaticism – but still do hope to gain a friend of mine.

Registration: 23rd September 2018

Anastasia, F, 2005, Ukraine
Writing language: Ukrainian, English, Russian
Correspondence: e-mail
Nastya, 13 years. Ukraine, Kyiv. I'm a bit crazy. Study a lot, love reading and listening music. I know some Germany (I learn it at school). My hobby is watching video on YouTube. Also I like rollerskating and riding a bike. Favorite subjects are maths, physik and chemie. I like travelling, but I was only in Austria, Turkey and Sweden. And, of course... cartoons forever!

Registration: 20th September 2018

Ann, F, 1999, Ukraine
Writing language: Ukrainian, English, Polish
Correspondence: e-mail
Hello!I am Ann.I am from Ukraineand I am 17.I like singing,reading books,playing tennis and cycling.I am middle-height.I have long black curly hair,dark eyes and small nose)I am looking fot friend from England,Spain and USA.I would like to improve my English skills.I am waiting for your letter!

Registration: 17th September 2018

Vasyl, M, 1994, Ukraine
Writing language: English
Correspondence: e-mail
Hello everyone. My name is Vasyl, I'm 24, live in Lviv, Ukraine. I'm looking for some friends around the world. I'll glad to comunicate with all. Bye :)

Registration: 11th May 2011      Last change: 16th September 2018

Rusya, F, 2004, Ukraine
Writing language: Ukrainian, Russian, English
Correspondence: e-mail
Hi! I am a good and happy girl who wants to find a real friend.Doesn*t matter who you are,you can write me.I like reading and binding.Of course, i like sport.It*s obviously.

Registration: 12th September 2018

Olviia, F, 1998, Ukraine
Writing language: English, German
Correspondence: both e-mail and snail mail
Hi, everyone! I want to find a penpal from any place in the world to improve my English. I just want to find a good friend! We can talk about anything and everything. I love listening to music (music is my life), reading,YouTube, and a bunch of other stuff! ))) Hallo))) Wie geht's? Ich möchte besser Deutsch lernen. Ich möchte viele gute Freunden und Freundin finden. Ich mag Musik hören, Bücher lesen, Youtube)))) Mein Deutsch ist nicht so gut aber ich möchte mit dir reden))))

Registration: 28th September 2016      Last change: 12th September 2018

Roman, M, 2005, Ukraine
Writing language: English, Ukrainian, Russian
Correspondence: e-mail
Hi! I'm Roma. I'm 13. I am interested in cooking and tehnology. I enjoy, reading fantasy, climbing mountains and diving. I want to learn more about other countries and to improve English.

Registration: 9th September 2018

Natalia, F, 2006, Ukraine
Writing language: Russian, Ukrainian, English
Correspondence: e-mail
Hi. My name is Natalia. I am 12 years old. I live in the Kyiv,Ukraine. I have a big family and many pets. I like animals, listening to music and reading books. I like writing letters, going for walks, shopping, meeting with friends. I don't like getting up early and feeling bored.

Registration: 15th August 2018      Last change: 31st August 2018

Dasha, F, 2004, Ukraine
Writing language: English, German
Correspondence: both e-mail and snail mail
Hello everyone? My name is Dasha, I am 14 years old, and I want to find penfriends from all over the world! Well, my hobbies... I love reading books, for example, fantasy and sci-fi, listening to all kinds of music and playing the piano. I also enjoy geography and history, writing paperletters and learning smthing new about different cultures. If you want - feel free to write me c:

Registration: 21st August 2017      Last change: 23rd August 2018

Dima, M, 1997, Ukraine
Writing language: Russian, English, Spanish
Correspondence: e-mail
Hey! My name is Dima. And I`m looking for a pen-friend, just for someone to talk to and to spend time with, even if it is on-line time. I graduated from the University and now i have been looking for the opportunity to move to another country. I`m interested in taking photos, can`t live without it. You can follow me on instagram ( dimamelnikov_ ). I don`t know if it is necessery to tell, but I`m gay. I think it clearifies me somehow. So i will be glad to have a chat :)

Registration: 18th August 2018

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