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Intan, F, 2001, Indonesia
Writing language: Indonesian, English
Correspondence: e-mail
Hi! My name is Intan,Im 16 years old. Im from Indonesia. I can speak Indonesian and english. I love looking for friends from all around the world. My hobbies are reading novel and singing but so many people think that my voice isn't good haha. I think so too. Haha. Im also interested to learn language and culture from other countries. So,for anyone who read this,I want to be friends with you. Send me a message to my email.

Registration: 23rd June 2017

Farras, F, 2002, Indonesia
Writing language: Indonesian, English
Correspondence: e-mail
Spread love and peace

Registration: 14th June 2017      Last change: 16th June 2017

Amelia, F, 2001, Indonesia
Writing language: English, Japanese, Indonesian
Correspondence: e-mail
hai everyone.. i'm Amel from Indonesia. do you know my country? em.. i looking for someone who want to be my pen pal. my hobbies are writing, listening music, K-pop, J-pop and other. i'll waiting your notice email in my inbox... see ya!

Registration: 7th May 2017

Nazell, F, 2007, Indonesia
Writing language: English, Indonesian, Malay
Correspondence: e-mail
Im Nazell. I like to read harry potter books. I have 2 little brothers. Im from Indonesia, but my special talent is speaking english. I'm in need of a penfriend. I need u.

Registration: 30th April 2017

Risca, F, 1985, Indonesia
Writing language: English, Indonesian
Correspondence: both e-mail and snail mail
Hello, I'm a Chinese -Indonesian born and living in Indonesia. I love snailmailing, crafting, watching movies, reading novels, listening to music, singing, shopping, and of course traveling. I'm looking for penpals just to share ideas, stories and culture. I'm married and have a son. I'm a big fan of chocolate and tea. Please write me!

Registration: 29th September 2016      Last change: 27th April 2017

Natashia, F, 1999, Indonesia
Writing language: English, Indonesian, Chinese
Correspondence: e-mail
Hello there! Allow me to introduce myself. I'm Natashia, currently living in Indonesia. I'm a chinese indonesian who loves reading, writing and taking photographs. Of course, I'm here looking for penfriends from all around the world. Simple reasons: I love making new friends; I love exchanging cultures and expanding knowledge about other's tradition. Well, don't be shy and send me messages! Talk to you soon!

Registration: 26th April 2017

Fida, F, 1997, Indonesia
Writing language: Indonesian, English, Arabic
Correspondence: both e-mail and snail mail
Hi... I want to found penpals. I am taking arabic studies as my major but I want take my master in Finland. I dont know is that weird or not. I study many languages like :English, Arabic, Suomi, Parsi, and Swedsh. I am prefer to talk with female too.

Registration: 21st July 2016      Last change: 2nd April 2017

susmiyanto, M, 1976, Indonesia
Writing language: Indonesian, English
Correspondence: e-mail
i m an Indonesian with Indonesian language. Sory if my English not good.

Registration: 13th April 2015      Last change: 28th March 2017

Santi, F, 1990, Indonesia
Writing language: Indonesian, English
Correspondence: e-mail
Hi! I'm Santi from Indonesia. I like to make a good friend with anyone from over the world. My passion is art specialy sketching, still amateur but I try my best to practice. Traveling around the world is one of my dream since I was kid, I hope my dream will come true one day. I will so happy if I can find a friendship here who not only as penfriend via e-mail but also snail mail, I like to feel excited when receive and read a letter from postman :D find me on Instagram: shantitarium

Registration: 28th December 2014      Last change: 17th March 2017

Enny, F, 1989, Indonesia
Writing language: English, Indonesian
Correspondence: e-mail
Hi! I'm Chinese-Indonesian. I'd love to make a new friend around the world because I can learn different culture and share something new ;)

Registration: 11th March 2017      Last change: 14th March 2017

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