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molook, M, 1983, Saudi Arabia
Writing language: Arabic, English
Correspondence: e-mail
Hi, my nick name is MOLOOK , I have been in USA where I started my English , than I came back to my country Saudi , and now I want to practice my English writing and speaking as much as i can to be perfect on it . currently , I m preparing my self to be an English teacher , so , I'm willing to help anyone it this field , and I want to know more about the others culture , food , living ...ets . also , I like to make a new friends all over the world and visit him if i can . Thank you for reading my details , and I'm witting for your respond . best wishes ,

Registration: 22nd August 2011

Abdullah, M, 1985, Saudi Arabia
Writing language: Arabic, English
Correspondence: e-mail

Registration: 13th August 2011

Bashayer, F, 1991, Saudi Arabia
Writing language: Arabic, English
Correspondence: both e-mail and snail mail
19 years old.. student at YUC looking for girl friends I can talk with them and improve my language.. crazy about American movies and shows... I like pizza and ice cream ... I want to talk to girls from America and any part of the world.. between the age 16 to 23...

Registration: 14th May 2011

Emre, M, 1992, Saudi Arabia
Writing language: Turkish, English
Correspondence: e-mail
I'm looking for friends to talk . I want to improve English language

Registration: 19th March 2011

Salman, M, 1969, Saudi Arabia
Writing language: Arabic, English, French
Correspondence: e-mail
Simple and frank person. Love to make friends all over the world

Registration: 22nd September 2010      Last change: 11th March 2011

Ali, M, 1993, Saudi Arabia
Writing language: Arabic, English
Correspondence: e-mail
Hi, I'm Ali. I'm18. I like reading, watching movies and listening to music...(etc.). I'd be happy to write to any one & I'm ready to make a friendship withe any one!!

Registration: 9th February 2011

Fahad, M, 1994, Saudi Arabia
Writing language: Arabic, English
Correspondence: e-mail
Hi my name is Fahad n i'm from Saudi Arabia n i want to make friends from whole the world xD

Registration: 23rd October 2010

Amar, M, 1987, Saudi Arabia
Writing language: Arabic, English, Spanish
Correspondence: e-mail
hello everyone, my name is Amar and i'm from saudi arabia.. as everyone else here, i'm looking for new friends from all over the world, i would say especially from Japan and Spain ,however i might send a false message since i'm interested in every culture and country there is, not only those i mentioned.. as for telling you a bit about my self, i'm studying finance in college and i work at the same time my free time, I really love to read any book that i can put my hand on, history, poetry, novels (mostly non-fictional ) , but most of all, ancient civilizations and business books .. if i'm not reading then i'm playing football .. i also enjoy hanging out with my friends, watching movies with them.. it's been mentioned above i speak spanish though i'm actually still learning - todavia estoy aprendiendo y practicando - , i like listening to music too.. there are some other stuff i would love to share with you .. don't hesitate to write me,
Click here to see my picture

Registration: 16th August 2010      Last change: 6th September 2010

Retal Queen, F, 1992, Saudi Arabia
Writing language: Arabic, English
Correspondence: e-mail
I like frindship with many girls in the world I'm friendly girl I like drawing and swimming and writing and design by photoshop

Registration: 9th August 2010      Last change: 10th August 2010

JAFFAR, M, 1959, Saudi Arabia
Writing language: Arabic, English
Correspondence: e-mail

Registration: 6th August 2010

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