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Gabriela, F, 1999, Slovakia
Writing language: English, Slovak
Correspondence: e-mail
Hallo! My name is Gabriela and I'm 18 years old. I want (I need) to improve my English. I like reading books, listening music, making my neighbouring happy, watching ice hockey and walking in forest. I will be really happy if your write me.

Registration: 10th June 2017      Last change: 15th July 2017

Rebeka, F, 2001, Slovakia
Writing language: English, French
Correspondence: both e-mail and snail mail
Hi there! My name is Rebeka, I'm 16 years old girl from Slovakia. I love learning new things, e.g. languages, travelling, instruments,... I'm a real bookworm. I'm a big fan of Harry Potter (and I'm Gryffindor/Hufflepuff!) and Warriors series. I'm also a Muggle Quidditch player. I don't really watch series, but I'm a fan of Sherlock (with Benedict Cumberbatch). I'm really into science and politics. My biggest passion is Irish dance and I also enjoy writing, drawing, listening to music, reading and playing the piano. My favourite musical duo is Twenty One Pilots, but I'm quite opened to any music genre. I speak English and French and I'm learning German and Irish. I would love to make new friends from other countries. I prefer snail mail, but I'm okay with other types of communication (e.g. e-mail, Facebook, Snapchat etc.), too. If you want to write me, surely don't hesitate! :)

Registration: 9th July 2017

Martina, F, 1997, Slovakia
Writing language: English, Slovak, Serbian
Correspondence: both e-mail and snail mail
Hi, my name is Martina and I want to improve my abilities in english i am looking for a friend that can help me write and speak better.

Registration: 5th July 2017

Mária, F, 1992, Slovakia
Writing language: English, Slovak, Czech
Correspondence: snail mail
Hi, I am Maria and I look for a penpal, who loves writing classic letters, postcards an exchanging small presents like me. I prefere snail mails, because it is more personal a I will have nice memories. I intrested in travelling, nature, vintage style and especially books. If you look for some letter friendship, you'll write me. Have a nice day.

Registration: 18th June 2017

Veronika, F, 2002, Slovakia
Writing language: English
Correspondence: both e-mail and snail mail
Hi, I am Veronika I am from Slovakia and I am finding a penfriend. It is exciting! I love to communicate with interesting people around the world! I love art, nature, my dog and history. I love listening The Doors. I like talking about all things. write me soon !

Registration: 25th December 2016      Last change: 17th June 2017

Natalia, F, 2005, Slovakia
Writing language: English
Correspondence: e-mail
I'm Natalia. I'm 12 years old and I live in Slovakia.I love Justin Bieber. I am his very big fan. I love dogs and cats. I'm fainding good friend.

Registration: 14th June 2017

Soňa, F, 1999, Slovakia
Writing language: English, French, Slovak
Correspondence: e-mail
Hi. My name is Sona and I'm looking for a penfriend. I'm 17 years old and live in Slovakia. I have different kind of hobbies and I love learning foreign languages. Don't be afraid. Write me. Salut. Je m'appelle Sona et je cherche pour quelqu'un qui va ecrire avec moi. J'ai 17 ans et j'habite a Slovaquie. J'aime beaucoup de choses et j'adore apprendre les langues etrangeres. N'ai pas peur. Ecrire moi.

Registration: 4th June 2017

Diana, F, 1997, Slovakia
Writing language: English, Spanish
Correspondence: e-mail
Hello, my name is Diana, I am from Slovakia and I study translation and interpreting in English and Spanish. In september I am going to study in Valladolid (Erasmus) so I would like to improve my Spanish. I do not mind talking about anything, so write me anytime.

Registration: 21st February 2017      Last change: 30th May 2017

Ivana, F, 1998, Slovakia
Writing language: Spanish, English, German
Correspondence: e-mail
hello people of the internet ! i am in serious need of some spanish classes :o .. i am ready to talk about anything from the inception of our galaxy to game of thrones series as long as it is in spanish :)...pues mi nombre es Ivana y soy estudiante de idiomas en la universidad en Bratislava, Eslovaquia. Estudio ingles y espanol... y como puedes ver .. mi habilidades de hablar en espanol no son tan avanzados .... voy hablar con cualquiera persona que tendria paciencia conmigo y no seria tan sensitivo a errores gramaticales ..en cambio yo puedo ayudar con cualquiera dificultad en ingles :)

Registration: 25th May 2017

Dorka , F, 1995, Slovakia
Writing language: English, Slovak
Correspondence: e-mail
Hi there :) My name is Dorota and I come from Slovakia. I am open-minded working person and really would like to have some friends from other countries :) text me if you want, we can make our days better ;-)

Registration: 16th December 2014      Last change: 15th May 2017

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