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Anna, F, 1997, Latvia
Writing language: Latvian, English
Correspondence: e-mail
Hello! I am almost 17 years old student from Riga, Latvia. I love traveling, skiing, reading books, music. Looking for a friend from Amsterdam, Netherlander for my project in school.

Registration: 18th August 2014

Sniedze, F, 1990, Latvia
Writing language: Latvian, English, Spanish
Correspondence: e-mail
Hello, I would like to improve my Spanish and in exchange I could teach you English. I find this the most effective way of learning, through a real conversation, so it would be nice talking to someone with different interests and getting to know something more about you, your country and culture! Hope to hear from you soon!

Registration: 12th August 2014

Brigita , F, 1995, Latvia
Writing language: English, Russian
Correspondence: both e-mail and snail mail
Hi! I'm Brigita. I like many things, but my favorite things are 80's and 90's music,renaissance art and chocolate icecream. I enjoy reading any kind of books. I also enjoy watching films, drawing, listening to other styles of music.I'm looking for friendship or just a penfriend with whom I can discuss many diffrent topics. Also I would like to know about different cultures as well as tell you about my country culture. Don't be shy. I'd be glad if you write me! :D

Registration: 21st November 2009      Last change: 3rd August 2014

Anastasia, F, 1993, Latvia
Writing language: Russian, English, German
Correspondence: e-mail
Hi ! I am Medicine student from Latvia. I like reading books, philosophy, playing the piano, walking and going out with my friends. I just want to know new people who are interested in something and enjoy conversations by e-mails.

Registration: 10th July 2014

Linda, F, 1998, Latvia
Writing language: English, Latvian
Correspondence: e-mail
My name is Linda Jankovska an I'm 15 years old.I live in Latvia. If you want to know something more just ask.

Registration: 2nd June 2014

Aiga, F, 1996, Latvia
Writing language: Latvian, English
Correspondence: both e-mail and snail mail
Hey! My name is Aiga and I`m from Latvia [very beautifull country]. My interests are singing, dancing, theatre, reading, meeting with my friends... I spend a lot of time in fresh air. I love to do random , crazy things , but in same time I love going to picnics and that kind of stuff. ;D I`m interesed in someone that I could talk with about almost everything. And who knows maybe somday we`ll meet. :) Ps. I prefere snail mail, but e-mails is fine too.

Registration: 18th May 2014

Lelde, F, 1990, Latvia
Writing language: Latvian, English
Correspondence: e-mail
Hello. I'm from Latvia, a small country in central Europe. I'm 17 and I love getting to know new people and just talking to them. If you like books, movies, music, animals, superheroes, nature etc. we probably have something to talk about. :D Currently I'm learning Spanish, German, Lithuanian & Russian so if someone wants to help me with that - please do! :) I'd love to recieve your messages and talk to you, but as I have a lot of school work I often forget to check my e-mail. So we can use WhatsApp :) Have a nice day and hope to talk to you soon. :)

Registration: 7th December 2013      Last change: 26th April 2014

Lāsma, F, 1998, Latvia
Writing language: English, Latvian
Correspondence: e-mail
I want to meet new friends.:D

Registration: 24th April 2014

grace, F, 1989, Latvia
Writing language: Arabic, Irish, English
Correspondence: e-mail
How are you doing in life, I Want to introduce my self to you before i could go further,I am grace. I am single. i am not saying that i am some one who is perfect, because only our God is perfect. we are just human beings so being a human beings no body is perfect, but as far as i know myself, i find myself one loving, caring, and open minded and very straight forward nature person. in my free time i love to listen music, long drive, going on sea side.

Registration: 24th April 2014

Everita, F, 1992, Latvia
Writing language: Latvian, English, Russian
Correspondence: e-mail
Hey! I'm looking for some pen friend. I'm a Capricorn if someone is interested in horoscopes. Yeah, and I love people with some sense of humor.. They are just.. brilliant! :) So.. Feel free to write me! :)

Registration: 27th July 2010      Last change: 4th April 2014

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