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Stark, M, 1989, Hong Kong
Writing language: English
Correspondence: e-mail
Want to meet wide world friends to know diffient culture.

Registration: 14th April 2018

Giselle, F, 2003, Hong Kong
Writing language: English, Chinese, Mandarin
Correspondence: e-mail
Hi! I'm Giselle. I love travelling and reading. You can talk with me anything you want to talk about. Let's be penfriends!

Registration: 5th April 2018

Helen, F, 1997, Hong Kong
Writing language: English
Correspondence: both e-mail and snail mail
Hi guys! I'm Helen Wu from Hong Kong. I'm currently a year 2 student in dentistry. I was once an avid reader, but now become too lazy to read... I like Chinese calligraphy and just daydreaming. My favourite artists include Katy Perry, Jessie J, P!nk and Simple Plan. I love travelling and have so far gone to China, South Korea, Japan, Thailand and Britain. I know Cantonese (a dialect in China and most often spoken in Hong Kong), Mandarin, English and a little bit of French. I prefer posting letters more as it's more "vibrant", but emails are good too! We can send parcels to each other, say local souvenirs and whatnot. It's a lot of fun! I would like to have female pen pals who are around similar age as me. Hope to hear from you soon!

Registration: 5th March 2014      Last change: 5th April 2018

Connie, F, 2002, Hong Kong
Writing language: English, Chinese
Correspondence: e-mail
Hi guys! It’s Connie. I’m looking for friends and I’m ready to talk about everything to you. I love travelling,reading... Literature is one of my elective subjects in high school. Thx and best wishes.

Registration: 2nd April 2018

jerry, M, 1979, Hong Kong
Writing language: Chinese, English, Mandarin
Correspondence: both e-mail and snail mail
Hello! I have a family but very few friends as I'm not very talkative. I want to make friends who do not mind my shortcomings and can share life through mails, regardless you are Chinese or non-Chinese, men or women, boys or girls. I'm interested in travelling, watching animations, playing table-tennis, photography, watching TV/films, playing games, browsing the Internet, listening to music, and singing.

Registration: 3rd April 2013      Last change: 3rd March 2018

Seraph, F, 2003, Hong Kong
Writing language: English, Chinese
Correspondence: both e-mail and snail mail
Hey guys, It's Seraph :) Send me a message! I don't bite... Fact: - a huge nerd, both in music and book - hot chocolate and mint tea lover - can be sarcastic as hell - or sweet as heaven - socially awkward Many more.... Contact me for more information :3

Registration: 25th February 2018      Last change: 27th February 2018

Vanessa, F, 1998, Hong Kong
Writing language: English, Chinese
Correspondence: both e-mail and snail mail
Hello, I am Vanessa. I am a 19 years-old girl and come from Hong Kong. I am really interested to make new friends in different countries. I like to listen to music, watching the movie and drawing pictures. I also like to travel and want to try something new. I wish I can visit the world in my life and make new friends from all over the world. Free feel to chat with me;)

Registration: 26th February 2018

Ryan, M, 2007, Hong Kong
Writing language: Chinese, English, Japanese
Correspondence: e-mail
Hi, my name is Ryan Yeung and I want to find a pen friend.

Registration: 16th January 2018

Kentucky, M, 2000, Hong Kong
Writing language: Chinese, English
Correspondence: both e-mail and snail mail
THE ORIGINAL TEXT IS TOO LONG.SO I HAVE TO DO IT IN SHORT, WHAT A DISASTER. (feels bad man) Hello stranger! First of all, i am introducing myself. I am a 17 boy from Hong Kong, lived in Kowloon. I would like to describe myself as a weirdo and childlike. xD. Shy, passionate,easy-going, wild(to closer friends xD). Believed in fantasy, loved to think outside the box but i am slowly losing the ability to it. Working hard for university, wanted to study language and interior design in PolyU. Also working hard to understand myself better. Loved EDM, Anime, Video games, piano, FOOD, name it! But is also curious to all possible knowledge. Would love to have an adventure with you :D. (within Hong Kong of course) COULD WE EXCHANGE CHRISTMAS CARD TOO? PLEASE!!

Registration: 26th November 2017

Felicity, F, 2003, Hong Kong
Writing language: Chinese, English
Correspondence: e-mail
I'm Felicity and I'm from Hong Kong, looking for someone about my age to write to about, well, anything really. I like writing stories, reading, anime and ball games (though I never win lol). If you don't mind someone who has the thinking process of a five-year-old, still has weird fantasies, and tries out the oddest ideas, please write to me!!! Both guys and girls are welcome XD

Registration: 20th November 2017

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