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Vlad, M, 1997, Romania
Writing language: Romanian, English
Correspondence: e-mail
Hi, there! My name is Vladimir, having 21 y/o, I am looking to a pen friend, especially a girl pen friend. My wish is to travel a lot, explore places, and meet awsome people. Actually, I am a bartender, passionate about mixology, fan of sports and reading.. Bye! Go mail me...

Registration: 8th January 2017      Last change: 23rd January 2018

Maria, F, 2004, Romania
Writing language: English, Romanian, French
Correspondence: e-mail
Hi! My name is Maria. Iím from Romania. Iím 13 and I am in the 7th grade. Iím looping for friends between 13 and 15 years old.I like watching series. I love Harry Potter. My favourites subjects at school are Maths, English and French. I go to Maths competitions. I want to exercise my English and I hope Iíll make some new friends.

Registration: 30th December 2017      Last change: 11th January 2018

Alessia , F, 2002, Romania
Writing language: Romanian, English, Italian
Correspondence: both e-mail and snail mail
Hi! My name is Alessia and Iím from Romania. Iíd really like to have a penfriend. I love to travel around the world, to read, the music and to see films. If you are interesed about my personality send me an e-mail.

Registration: 17th December 2017

Alessia, F, 2002, Romania
Writing language: English, Italian, Romanian
Correspondence: both e-mail and snail mail
Hi! My name is Alessia and Iím from Romania. I really love to have a penfriend, who can sends me e-mails or letters. Iím 15 and I like cats.

Registration: 17th December 2017

Ana, F, 2001, Romania
Writing language: Romanian, English
Correspondence: e-mail
Hello! My name's Ana ! Am am interested in making new friends and in learning new things . I'd like to find someone to mail to. i'd like to find someone who can help me to learn new things. I like stories, dancing,singing, writing,drawing,traveling,reading and other things. I'd like to meet different kinds of people, and more "I'd" things...:)) I am a bit shy and weird ,but pretty friendly! That's all for this moment

Registration: 10th December 2017

Bori, F, 2000, Romania
Writing language: Hungarian, Romanian, English
Correspondence: e-mail
Hi everyone! As maybe all of you, I'm looking for a penfriend for several reasons: of course I'd like to improve my language skills in both English and German, but I also wish to have a close friend from abroad to discuss with, about cultrures, experiences, ... I'm sixteen and I'm interested in programming and math, but I'm keen on reading in the same time. I'f it would be possible, I would spend my lifetime travelling(at least, it's possible online: here there are no borders and costs at all). Feel free to contact me, maybe, one short message will be the start of a wonderful friendhip ;)

Registration: 5th November 2017

Maria, F, 1999, Romania
Writing language: Romanian, English
Correspondence: e-mail
Hi, I'm Maria. I'm 18 and I study Russian and Spanish at the University of Foreign Languages in Bucharest. I would love to find someone to talk to in any of the languages above, but English is just as fine. I'm probably the most open-minded person you'll ever meet. I used to dream of becoming a tattoo artist, but I don't have many oportunities here in my country, so that's pretty much it about this dream. Now I'm focused on learning the languages above and discovering myself, 'cause I've been through some rough shit lately.

Registration: 31st January 2015      Last change: 25th October 2017

Adelina, F, 2001, Romania
Writing language: English, Romanian
Correspondence: e-mail
Hey! My name is Adelina, I live in Romania, Ramnicu Valcea (almost sure most of the people who read this don't know where this place is... maybe Narnia?). I like to read a lot, mostly fantasy or SF, not so much in historical novels, but i can live with them. I also like to draw. I am one of the most curious person you will ever meet, so be prepared for a ton of questions. K,bye!

Registration: 15th October 2017

Ana, F, 1995, Romania
Writing language: English, Romanian
Correspondence: e-mail
Somehow I managed to stumble upon this site so... Hello! My name is Ana & I love reading, nature, creative writing, computer stuff and contemplating about useless things. I also enjoy talking with people and finding out about different opinions on a variety of subjects - so message me if you think (or not :D) that we have something in common.

Registration: 9th October 2017

Anda, F, 1989, Romania
Writing language: English, French, Greek
Correspondence: e-mail
Hello, I enjoy travelling, restaurants, cinema, socialize with quality people. I can't wait to hear back from you !
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Registration: 3rd October 2017

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