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Vittoria, F, 2001, Italy
Writing language: Italian, English, Spanish
Correspondence: snail mail
Hello everyone! I'm Vittoria, from Italy. I've always dreamed of having a penfriend, maybe from another country. I think it's a great way to meat new friend and to practice with language. And in my opinion it's much better than communicate by mobile-phone. I love reading books and comics, watching films and anime and listening to music, from classical to rock. I'm a cosplayer and I attend a Classical High School. Write me!

Registration: 8th April 2018

Laura, F, 1999, Italy
Writing language: English
Correspondence: e-mail
Hello my name is Laura, I come from Italy and I attend the last year of high school. I would like to enter the biology University next year and then i'd finish my studies and i'd move abroad to find a job. Ever since i was little i've always loved the photography and now it's one of my greatest passion alongside movies and TV series. For the future i'd like to improve my English because i really love to travel and see new places around the world.

Registration: 7th April 2018

iride, F, 1994, Italy
Writing language: Italian, English
Correspondence: e-mail
Hi, I'm 24 and I live in Italy. I'm a creative girl who loves art and science. I have always wanted to have a penfriend and improve my English.

Registration: 7th April 2018

Luisa, F, 1981, Italy
Writing language: Italian, English, Japanese
Correspondence: both e-mail and snail mail
Hi Everyone! I'm Luisa, 37 Years Old, from Rome, Italy. I work in my auto parts shop, I live in campaign, I have got a lot of farm animals like chickens, tibetan goats, dogs and cats and some horses that I really love. My hobbies are ride an horse, read mangas and books, study languages (at moment English and very first level of Japanese), walking in the mountain, watching film and TV series. I hope to find someone for elaborate on my languages English and Japanese, and help who wants to learn Italian.

Registration: 26th March 2018

Francesca, F, 1996, Italy
Writing language: Italian, English, French
Correspondence: both e-mail and snail mail
Hi! My name is Francesca and I'm Italian. I love my country and italian culture! I have lots of interests: i love travelling, reading books and manga, watching movies, tv series and anime. I also love art, music, going to museums and libraries, even though it might seem boring, I really enjoy it! I'm interested in any culture and I would love to make friends who are from all over the world!

Registration: 21st March 2018

Martina, F, 2001, Italy
Writing language: English, Italian, Spanish
Correspondence: e-mail
Hi people. I'm trying to find someone to talk with and to exercise with my English. I'm a strange person and I like the small beauty things of the people. I like drawing,reading anda writing. I go horse-riding,I sometimes go to run and I love to go to the firing range 'cause I want to go to the the University of Criminology after the High school. I'm Italian,from Lucca,but I really would like to move in America when I'll grow up. Write me if you wanna talk with me a little. I need friendly people. Byee.

Registration: 21st March 2018

Jennifer, F, 1999, Italy
Writing language: Italian, English, Spanish
Correspondence: e-mail
Hi there! I'm Jennifer and I'm an Italian high schooler! At school I study English, Spanish and German, but next year I'd like to study eastern languages at the university, since I love Asian culture! I also like to dance and I'm really into dancers... so if you can dance (breakdance, hip-hop, latinoamerican,... whatever), you're welcome to write to me! Anyway, I like to travel, so I like to keep in touch with people from other countries... especially from Asia, USA, Spain and Latino America! I really love those countries! Hope to hear from you! :)

Registration: 16th March 2018

Peter, M, 1977, Italy
Writing language: English
Correspondence: e-mail
A hard working, dedicated and disciplined young man seeking female pen pals who are genuine and loving from Sweden, Finland, Australia Germany and Scotland. Hates discrimination and racism.

Registration: 15th March 2018

Alia, F, 1987, Italy
Writing language: French, English, Italian
Correspondence: both e-mail and snail mail
Being in the middle of big changes in my life and having had an intense time in the last two years..i feel i miss my passion of writing and reading people's thoughts and ideas..which i used to do daily and which i hope to gp back to practice with pen friends around the world. Alia

Registration: 15th March 2018

Valentina, F, 1995, Italy
Writing language: Italian, English, German
Correspondence: e-mail
I’m from Verona, but I’m now living in Trieste to study languages and literatures at the university. I’m a swim instructor. My interests are sport, healthy food (I’m vegan), books, music (all kind of), travel and discover new places. I’m so excited to know new people from all around the world!!!!

Registration: 14th March 2018

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