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Nabilah, F, 1998, Indonesia
Writing language: Indonesian, English
Correspondence: e-mail
Hello, my name nabilah, i'm from indonesia. I want to improve my english and learn the culture in the world. I hope we will be a friend. Thanks for your attention :))

Registration: 8th January 2018

Vanya, F, 2000, Indonesia
Writing language: English, Indonesian
Correspondence: e-mail
So, greetings to you who might be living in the other half of the world--- well, alright it doesn't matter. The name's Vanya and I'm here in dire of new friends to talk with. I'm so, so so into movies, musics (I hear any kind of genres thought not that detail), writing, and a lot of adventurous things! Perhaps if we have something in common, never hesitated to hit my email up. I would love to get to know to you guys! I hope to hear you soon. c:

Registration: 7th January 2018

Dhyra Citta, F, 2001, Indonesia
Writing language: English, Indonesian
Correspondence: e-mail
Hi let me introduce myself one more time , my name Dhyra , you can call me Dhy (short for Dhyra) or Shyra. i'm 16 years old live in Indonesia , Jakarta. i love to listening to music especially old music (60-90's) , dancing , singing ,modeling , reading some books especially poetry and comics!! , watch movies , making videos for my youtube channel (still working on it) , swimming , baseball , do a photoshoot or even be a photographer , i love doggss soo much!! and playing games tooo. i love to go for some adventurous journey like hiking , go to the beach , surfing , and other nature experience. i also have a interest in fashion , drawing and theater. whoever my penfriend is , i love to get to know about you guys! i hope we become bestfriend :) thank you -xx

Registration: 6th January 2018

Dana, F, 1998, Indonesia
Writing language: Indonesian, English
Correspondence: e-mail
Hello, friends! My name is Dana Mashitoh. I'm from Indonesia. I can speak Japanese a bit. And I'am a college student. I want to have a new friend from overseas to make a relation and learn how about cultures. I'm happy if I have a new knowledge about cultures of other country. So if you like to share me, just email me.

Registration: 6th January 2018

Herlyati, F, 1973, Indonesia
Writing language: Indonesian, English
Correspondence: both e-mail and snail mail
I like to have friends. i would like to write letter and have penpal. Good friend are a treasure. If You want to be my friend pls Drop me message,

Registration: 4th January 2018

Diah, F, 1993, Indonesia
Writing language: Indonesian, English, Turkish
Correspondence: both e-mail and snail mail
Selam everyone. Hello. Greetings From Indonesia :D Just call me Diah. I graduated from Faculty of Education at Primary School Teacher Education department. I love and interesting about education, teaching, writing (fairy tale, short story, poetries), reading classic books/literatures, cooking, scout, and social actions. Here would love build a long-term friendship with ppl from different cultures, walk of life, etc to share each other about everything : ) Oh yahh.. I'm collecting stamps, coins, also handwritten letters and postcards. If we have the same soul lol i meant interest, always feel free to send me messages yaaa. Thank u : ))

Registration: 2nd January 2018

Irma, F, 1978, Indonesia
Writing language: Indonesian, English
Correspondence: e-mail
I hope i have many friend from penfriend

Registration: 1st January 2018

Laila, F, 1996, Indonesia
Writing language: Indonesian, English
Correspondence: snail mail
Hello! I am Laila. I love writing letters and postcards. Lets swap! Exchange letters and postcards

Registration: 14th December 2017      Last change: 1st January 2018

Jihan, F, 2001, Indonesia
Writing language: English, Indonesian
Correspondence: both e-mail and snail mail
Hi! My first name is Jihan, you can call me Je. I life in Lampung, Indonesia. I like to wathing movies, listening music, and also writing. I love to have much friend from all around world. Write me! With love, Je.

Registration: 21st December 2015      Last change: 26th December 2017

amarta, F, 1981, Indonesia
Writing language: English
Correspondence: e-mail
Hello everyone, I'd like to have penpals from around the world. I hope we can correspond each other.

Registration: 22nd April 2017      Last change: 24th December 2017

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