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Nadirah, F, 1986, United States
Writing language: English, Italian
Correspondence: e-mail
Mi chiamo Nadirah e sono da Chicago. Ho 18 anni e ho sempre stato una tipa timida. Mi piace leggere, la TV e il film drammatiche, e studiare italiano. Sono in cerca di qualcuna con cui posso corrispondere con posta tradizionale. Mi dici quanti anni hai e quali sono i tuoi interessi. Ciao!

Registration: 18th March 2004      Last change: 13th April 2004

kat, F, 1983, United States
Writing language: English
Correspondence: e-mail
im a snowboarder form Colorado who also likes hard alternative music (such as nine inche nails, depeche mode, 311, offspring, and red hot chilli peppers). i like wierd science fiction movies, and books. i study the interpretation of dreams, and astrology. i am also wiccan. i dont care who you are or where you are from i just want to meet a perfect stranger from a place i have never been. I want a secret relationship that i keep to my self. i want some one i can tell every thing to (mainly girls because im a lesbian) so write me back and tell me some thing interesting about your self.

Registration: 6th April 2004      Last change: 13th April 2004

Shane, M, 1979, United States
Writing language: English, Czech, Slovak
Correspondence: e-mail
Would like to write to some czech people. I like writing to people in foreign countries.

Registration: 30th March 2004

Sandra, F, 1990, United States
Writing language: English, Spanish
Correspondence: e-mail
13 years old. Likes: reading, cooking, hanging out with friends, talking or writing to other countries... to find out more write me.

Registration: 30th March 2004

Anthony, M, 1977, United States
Writing language: English, Spanish, Russian
Correspondence: e-mail
I am a hardworking guy who has lots of outside interests but no one special to spend time with. I have a pretty good sense of humor, I try to take everything in stride, and not get to upset about everything. I am looking to find someone who likes to go out and do things, but is also ok with staying home for a blockbuster night. I would like to find someone that is pretty happy with themselves, and isn't always talking about how miserable life is. I consider myself a romantic, lovable person! and very understanding with patience open minded and willing to try new things Also I like to hang out with my friends causing some type of chaos. Am looking for a person with somewhat of the qualities that i have written with a great smile to win my heart and a simple heart.Please write back

Registration: 24th March 2004      Last change: 29th March 2004

NISHCHAL, M, 1971, United States
Writing language: English, Hindi
Correspondence: e-mail

Registration: 10th April 2002      Last change: 29th March 2004

joanna, F, 1987, United States
Writing language: English, French, Spanish
Correspondence: e-mail
i am looking for a friend all around the world who likes shopping,movies,music,writing song,poetry,sing and dance.male or female hit me up.i am always checking my mail.:)

Registration: 27th March 2004

Ania, F, 1983, United States
Writing language: Polish, English, French
Correspondence: e-mail
Aloha :-) I come from a beautiful country which is Poland, but now I am staying in the US,Florida, near Tampa Bay. I`m looking for laid-back, nice, silly, and crazy people to hang out with from "my" area, but if you are from France, Australia or China, that would also be cool. Not to hang out, hehehehe, cause it is too far, but to have some fun writing e-mails or letters. Having watched "Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights" I am crazy about finding a Cuban guy who would teach me how to dance :D I would also like to learn some Spanish and French. I used to know it better (French), but now it is very poor. And I have no idea about Spanish :-) I am funny and silly, but I might be shy at the beginning (so you should be patient; otherwise, you will freak out after 10 minutes with me;-). I love to do crazy things, listen to the music, read books, eat strawberries, drink milk, travel, feel free, dream, and make my dreams come true. "Everyone is invited" :-)

Registration: 27th March 2004

Scott, M, 1973, United States
Writing language: English
Correspondence: e-mail
Hi, I'm a single male living in the United States who has a passion for life and meeting people. I would love to meet friendly singles from Europe or elsewhere. I will be traveling to Prague & Amsterdam in 2004 and think it would be great to have someone local to hangout with. I'm 5 9' 15olbs with blue eyes and dirty blonde hair. Very outgoing and cultured. I snowboard/surf/ride horses/sail,write,sketch,Chef & Horticulture too! And into any social party's! Thanks for reading me. :)
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Registration: 26th March 2004

David, M, 1974, United States
Writing language: English, Spanish
Correspondence: e-mail
Hey all. I live in Los Angeles, CA-U.S.A. I'm sure by now you know who our governor is. . . it's GOT to make you wonder (rolls eyes). . . Well I love to travel and I'm looking to make friends all over, and learn a bit of everything. I know the least, and am particularly curious of Eastern European and Scandinavian countries, as well as OZ and NZ. I've also spent a short little visit in CZ and loved it (hence, the curiosity). Talk to ya later.
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Registration: 15th March 2004

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