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Bohemicus, M, 1973, Czech Republic
Writing language: Italian, Czech, English
Correspondence: e-mail
- Webmaster a tvurce, misto setkani Italie a Ceske republiky. Mluvim italsky a trochu cesky. Prijdte me navstivit na webove stranky nebo napiste.- Webmaster ed ideatore di punto di contatto tra Italia e Repubblica Ceca. Parlo italiano ed un po ceco. Venite a trovarmi sul sito o scrivetemi. Ciao, Bohemicus
Registration: 31st December 2003      Last change: 27th September 2018

Pavlína, F, 1988, Czech Republic
Writing language: English, German, Russian
Correspondence: both e-mail and snail mail
Hello everybody, my name is Pavlina and im looking for a good friendship with people all over the world. I am looking not only for a penfriend, but for someone, who I could share my "travelling addiction" with :) I love travelling but unfortunatelly I do not have anyone to travel with.. My friends either dont have resources or arent so keen on travelling as me. If you are interested in a good friendship and in this idea of travelling together, write me please :) I love learning new things, new cultures, habits and languages. My hobbies are dancing, arabic music, cooking, learning languages,travelling and drawing. regularly visit Egypt so I will be happy to find new friends from there, especially girls. I also wonder Japan and my dream has always been to visit this interesting country. Im looking forward to your emails!! :) my email is - sorajja a
Click here to see my picture
Registration: 7th April 2006      Last change: 13th February 2014

Lukas, M, 1988, Czech Republic
Writing language: English, Czech
Correspondence: e-mail
Hey everybody! Im looking for penpals via email. We can talk about anything you want. Im sure we can find some common theme. I prefer english, because i need to practice it as much as it possible. When you dont use it you will lose it... I dont care how old are you, or where do you live, what job you do or what car you drive. Im happily in relationship for three years now. I dont look for romance, all im looking for are new penfriends. I can write here what i like to do or eat, how many hobbies i have and more informations. But! Why dont you ask me about that thru email ? So lets have a nice conversation, we can share our life and daily experiences. Just hit the button! Im waiting for you!

Registration: 24th October 2014      Last change: 8th July 2020

Magdalena, F, 2003, Czech Republic
Writing language: Czech, English, German
Correspondence: both e-mail and snail mail
Hello everyone, My name is Magdalena. I like drawing, writing and reading books. I'm interested in writing letters too. I'm kind of introvert and sometimes I'm little shy. I want some amazing friendship with someone. I don't care about gender, nation or other things. See ya soon!

Registration: 1st April 2019      Last change: 3rd July 2020

Radim, M, 1988, Czech Republic
Writing language: English
Correspondence: e-mail
Hello, my name is Radim. I'm 32 years old. I would like to learn English here because I would like to talk to all the people in the world. Best regards, Radim

Registration: 29th June 2020

Marketa, F, 1980, Czech Republic
Writing language: English
Correspondence: both e-mail and snail mail
Hi, my name is Marketa. I am 40 years old. I live in Prague in the Czech Republic. I am married and I have 2 little sons. My English is not well so I would like to improve my English. I like animals, nature, music, singing, musical, cinema, dancing and cooking. I am looking for a true penfriend from all over the world. Have a nice day Marketa

Registration: 6th February 2004      Last change: 25th June 2020

Ema, F, 2007, Czech Republic
Writing language: English, French
Correspondence: snail mail
Hi! My name is Ema. I live in the Czech Republic in a small village near Prague. My hobbies are dancing, singing, writing... I am 13 years old. I collect stamps. I would like to write with you by English or French by snail. I think snail mail is so cool and I like decorating envelops and letters. You also? If you want please write me an e-mail and I will write to you my address. Have a nice day! Ema

Registration: 24th June 2020

Stanislava, F, 1969, Czech Republic
Writing language: French, English, Czech
Correspondence: e-mail
Hello, I´m Stanislava from Prague. I'm looking for pen-friend from French and I want to build a long-term friendship. Males prefered. I'm a good listener to what my penpal is saying. I´m learning french and I want to practise and learn this language with you. Mon reve est un ami francais qui vit a Prague et qui voudrait parler avec moi pour ameliorer mon francais.

Registration: 11th February 2020      Last change: 23rd June 2020

Petra, F, 2002, Czech Republic
Writing language: English, Czech
Correspondence: e-mail
I want to practice English. I am 18 years old, living in Czechia. I would love to mail with somebody or meet online (for example once/twice a week) because that´s the best way to practice speaking (my biggest problem, haha). I like self-defence, reading, films, fitness and I love working with children.

Registration: 20th November 2019      Last change: 22nd June 2020

Veronika, F, 2003, Czech Republic
Writing language: Czech, English, German
Correspondence: both e-mail and snail mail
Hi everyone! My name is Veronika and I'm from the Czech Republic. I'm very interested in sports like skiing, snowboarding, climbing, fitness, cycling, running and another one. I'm interested in cooking, travelling and sewing too. My English isn't so good, but I want to improve my English. So if I interested in you, don't worry and text me. I'll be happy. Also I learn German, so if you want to message with me in German, come on and text me (but in German I'm only level A1). Bye for now and I'm looking forward to your messages.

Registration: 21st June 2020

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