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Rafal, M, 1975, Poland
Writing language: Polish, English
Correspondence: both e-mail and snail mail
Hello. My name is Rafal. I like travelling, practice sport (tennis, snowboard, walking, cycling), watching films and read historical books. I interested in what's going on in foreign affairs and politics. I have got two children, a 17 years old daughter and 15 years old son. I also have a dog (Australian Sheppard), which I like very much. I try to be open-minded. I'm working for a local city as a project manager in the field of vocational learning. I'm trying to equip the schools in new machines, set up good cooperation with local entrepreneurs and organise job training. I prefer e-mail than a snail-mail because is quicker. I can use skype, what's up, Messenger but I have same speaking difficulty after medical treatment and I could be difficult to understand.

Registration: 18th January 2021

Joanna, F, 1995, Poland
Writing language: German, English, Polish
Correspondence: e-mail
Hallo! Ich bin Joanna und ich komme aus Polen. Ich bin 25 Jahre alt. Jetzt wohne ich in Berlin und studiere hier. Ich mache Master in Informatik. Ich reise, tanze und schwimme gern. Ich möchte neue Leute kennenzulernen. Ich habe hier vor ein paar Jahren eine gute Freundin gefunden und wir haben ein paar mal uns getroffen! Ich möchte das noch einmal machen. Deswegen suche ich für Freunde wer werden nicht nur ein paar Email schreiben und verschwinden, aber Freunde für viele Jahren :) Ich freue mich dich kennenzulernen. Schreib mir! :)

Registration: 21st August 2011      Last change: 16th January 2021

Anna Klara, F, 1982, Poland
Writing language: Polish, English
Correspondence: e-mail
Freezing and snowy days are coming soon and if you do not go to Cancun, write to me, do not waste your time. Dancing, singing, having fun, but I am not a nanny Fran. All the scammers go away if not, I will kick you to the space and you will never come back. Let's become friends and make this coronavirus to the end. Honesty is the key, You are not a bee so do not bite, but be gentle with me. What the hell are you waiting for? Not for the bus twenty -one or twenty-four. Click my ad and write to me and let the magic begin.When you wish upon a star, you will be more happy than you are.I am preparing lunch now, so celebrate good times with the pinch of smiles and laugh. Mix humour with joy and you will not be like king George. Oh no! Add your charm,do not make me feel like princess Anne I am here and you are there, so let the Internet connect make us as bestfriends. Beast from the East means heavy frost, so you had better not catch a cold but be like James Bond, why not?

Registration: 4th December 2020      Last change: 16th January 2021

Joanna, F, 1993, Poland
Writing language: English, Polish, French
Correspondence: e-mail
Hey! My name is Joanna, nice to meet you :) In my free time I like reading books, learning foreign languages, travelling and meeting new people. I'd like to meet people in order to exchange some thoughts. I can speak English and French and Polish of course (if you learn Polish I will be glad to exchange mails in Polish :) Hope to hear from you soon!

Registration: 14th November 2010      Last change: 12th January 2021

Kasia, F, 1995, Poland
Writing language: English, Polish, German
Correspondence: both e-mail and snail mail
Hello!!!!! M Maybe i will tell you something about me to encourage you to write email to me. My name is Kasia and I am 25 years old. I live in Poland. Now I am studying law. I am interested in history, this is my passion for many years. I want to learn about other countries and cultures. I like cooking, reading books, watching movies and listening to music.One of my dream is to have postcards and gifts from many countries. I like snail mails too, maybe it is a bit old fashioned but so exciting I hope that you have read these pieces of information and you will send message to me. I am looking for friends between 22-28. If you are still interested, write to me. I will try answer and maybe we will become good friends. Lots of love:-)

Registration: 13th June 2015      Last change: 11th January 2021

Joanna, F, 1997, Poland
Writing language: Polish, English
Correspondence: e-mail
I'm 23 years old girl. I work and still study. In my free time, I love going for a walk with headphones, reading books, practise pilates and cooking for my friends and family. I thought that it may be a cool experience to write with people from all over the world and know penfriends. Don't be afraid of me and write! ;))

Registration: 9th January 2021

Dawid, M, 1995, Poland
Writing language: Polish, English, Spanish
Correspondence: both e-mail and snail mail
Hi, my name is David. I'm a calm, sometimes melancholic person who does NOT like alcohols, drugs, partying, swearing, noise and crowds. I enjoy spending free time at home, reading books, solving puzzle or sitting in front of my computer. Sometimes going for a walk with headphones and an audiobook. Since my childhood I'm so much interested in history and geography. I enjoy learning about distant countries - their topography, culture and mists of history. As well I'm into cars, I love driving and discovering features of car models. Feel free to write me! PS. Culture, history and languages of Balkan countries are also what I'm interested in.

Registration: 27th December 2011      Last change: 9th January 2021

Zuzanna, F, 2006, Poland
Writing language: Polish, English
Correspondence: both e-mail and snail mail
Hi, my name is Zuzia and I'm from Poland I think I am a very kind person, who loves to meet new people! Once very smart man said: "Treat people with kidness"- so I do! Text me!

Registration: 1st January 2021

Kamila, F, 2001, Poland
Writing language: English, Polish
Correspondence: both e-mail and snail mail
Hi, my name is Kamila and I'm from Poland. I'm studying dentistry and I think I am a very kind person, who loves to meet new people! Once very smart man said: "Treat people with kidness"- so I do! Text me asap!

Registration: 1st January 2021

Maciej, M, 2003, Poland
Writing language: English, German, Polish
Correspondence: both e-mail and snail mail
Hi, I'm Maciej. I'm here to meet people from all over the world. My hobby is watching the best films in the world cinema and refereeing handball matches (I believe that I will finally pass this goddamn exam hah)I love sending and receiving letters. Actually, when I was a little younger, I even wanted to be a postman hah If you are willing to exchange mail, postcards, I'm all for :) Hoping for a nice conversation))

Registration: 29th December 2020

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