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Sushant, M, 1985, India
Writing language: English, Hindi
Correspondence: both e-mail and snail mail
Hi , I'm Sushant a software professional & I love knowing different people, cultures. Love music,photography, traveling, adventure sports.DIY A die hard fan of pink floyd,also like instrumental music(piano,violin cocerto and whatever soothes my soul ), indian classical music..... i like to sing too, When I'm free i make sketches, read & try hands on my dslr camera. I would like to learn different languages(french,spanish,italian,japanese,german) & would be happy to offer help with learning english :)in return.
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Registration: 15th May 2010      Last change: 5th October 2013

Prince, M, 1992, India
Writing language: Hindi, English, Greek
Correspondence: e-mail
I am Prince from India.I like travelling and reading books.

Registration: 18th October 2017

Arpitha, F, 1996, India
Writing language: English
Correspondence: both e-mail and snail mail
1)I am an atheist 2)I completed my degree in business and I am taking a gap year to focus on my health 3)I am fluent in Kannada and English 4)I am not into traveling(I don't even know what's on my next street) 5) I am not into reading right now...I used to read a lot of fiction novels.A few books that I adore are--To sir with love,A Dolls House,The illicit happiness of other people 6)I watch TV series like big bang theory,The middle,Modern Family and Sense8 to name a few. 7)If you are looking for a magical connection that could end up as shown in movies where people end up being best friends forever or find "The one", I am the complete WRONG person for that! 8)I may come off as aloof but I am genuinely interested in having deep conversations. 9)I have the social skills of a cat and ironically I am a dog person. So if you are patient as with a cat, wherever you are and whoever you are(unless you are a psychopath,sociopath,narcissist, racist,sexist,homophobic)email me.

Registration: 17th October 2017

Vishnu Pratap, M, 2000, India
Writing language: English, Hindi
Correspondence: e-mail
Extremely Introvert..Yet too good to be a friend

Registration: 16th October 2017

MOHAMED ESSAK, M, 1979, India
Writing language: English, Arabic
Correspondence: e-mail
i, Mohamed Essak, like browsing and email and love to learn about the computer knowledge. I am a Computer (System Admin), like have many friends. My. Whatsap number : 9965772018

Registration: 14th October 2017

Gururaj , M, 1964, India
Writing language: English
Correspondence: snail mail
A serious stamp collector. Interested in philatelic exchange along with social exchange of ideas,

Registration: 13th October 2017

VITTOBA, M, 1942, India
Writing language: English, Hindi
Correspondence: e-mail
I speak TAMIL, the oldest surviving language, which " JESUS spoke on the cross ! ex army . spent many years in the HIMALAYAS. into yoga & meditation. i want to tell my future friends many unique things about ancient tamil civilization / culture.

Registration: 11th October 2017

Ananya, F, 1998, India
Writing language: English, Hindi
Correspondence: e-mail
Hello everyone! I'm a 19 year old girl looking for new friends. I would love to meet people from different countries and know about them. I am very interested in history, culture, religion, books and movies. Please mail me and good luck! :))

Registration: 19th January 2015      Last change: 8th October 2017

Stephenson, M, 1970, India
Writing language: English, Esperanto, Hindi
Correspondence: both e-mail and snail mail
I am Steve from India. 46 year old male, married man. I own a small factory at my home town. Manufacture starch derivatives. I like letter writing very much. So do like snail mail pen friends. Like to exchange holiday homes and gifts. I like reading, a great fan of of Sidney Sheldon, ken fillet, chase, earl Stanley Gardner, Louis l amour, fennimore coopers, walter Scott, etc to watch action thriller mystery football, basketball, winter Olympics, etc etc...also I collect information like reincarnation, life after death, ghost, mysteries, ship wreck, archeological discoveries, historic ruins, global warming fact files etc....Looking for like minded friends in my age group or older pen friends prefer snail mail friends. My WhatsApp no is 00919486554857

Registration: 7th October 2017

Pepsi, F, 1995, India
Writing language: English
Correspondence: snail mail
hi there! I am Pepsi and no, i am not a soft drink. I am into reading, nature, sports, travel,sun bathing, interesting friends etc. I invite all genuine letter writers to send their mail to me . I promise they will not be bored.Please contact me for my postal address.

Registration: 1st March 2015      Last change: 6th October 2017

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