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Maria, F, 2004, Romania
Writing language: English, German
Correspondence: e-mail
Hi,I am Maria. I like reading, listening to music watching TV Shows. I want to practice both my English and my German, so text me. Before texting me you should know my German is pretty bad. I desperatly want to make new friends from other countries, so if you text me, I promise I'll answer. Prefer children of my age, +/- 2 years difference.

Registration: 16th March 2018

Kalina, F, 1997, United Kingdom
Writing language: Polish, English, German
Correspondence: e-mail
Hi! I'm Kalina, but friends call me Casey. I'm 20 yo from Poland, currently living in UK. I love writing, music, games, football and ski jumping. My main passions are retro gaming and true crime. I'm mostly looking for penpals from Germany, Norway and Japan, because I'd like to learn these languages. I can also try to teach people Polish :) Your age or gender doesn't matter, I can speak with everyone :)

Registration: 16th March 2018

pauline, F, 1998, France
Writing language: French, English
Correspondence: both e-mail and snail mail
Hello, My name is Pauline, I'm 20 years old and I live in France. I would like exchange letter and/or postcard and parcels, package, small gift too (I do it since 3 years and I love it) Hope I will find penpal :)

Registration: 16th March 2018

Jennifer, F, 1999, Italy
Writing language: Italian, English, Spanish
Correspondence: e-mail
Hi there! I'm Jennifer and I'm an Italian high schooler! At school I study English, Spanish and German, but next year I'd like to study eastern languages at the university, since I love Asian culture! I also like to dance and I'm really into dancers... so if you can dance (breakdance, hip-hop, latinoamerican,... whatever), you're welcome to write to me! Anyway, I like to travel, so I like to keep in touch with people from other countries... especially from Asia, USA, Spain and Latino America! I really love those countries! Hope to hear from you! :)

Registration: 16th March 2018

Raagavi, F, 1995, India
Writing language: English
Correspondence: e-mail
I need to know about lot of people and culture in India bcoz of diversity in India and wanna know about cultural variations in India as a whole

Registration: 16th March 2018

Fernanchi, F, 1992, Thailand
Writing language: Thai, English
Correspondence: both e-mail and snail mail name is Fern i'm 26 year old i live in thailand i'm looking for new friends. i love travel , food and runing. sent your e-mail if you know me. Thank you

Registration: 16th March 2018

Ivana, F, 1999, Czech Republic
Writing language: English, Czech
Correspondence: e-mail
I'm Ivana and I'm 18. I live in Czech Republic. I play violin, piano, guitar and ukulele. I like reading and drawing. I read detective stories and fantasy. I like watching series as GoT, Sherlock or Marvel superheroes films. I would like to meet new people, learn about another cultures and make friends.

Registration: 9th May 2017      Last change: 16th March 2018

Rachel, F, 1973, United States
Writing language: English
Correspondence: snail mail
Hello! I’m a married woman who is disabled. I love gardening, cooking, reading, knitting/crochet/embroidering and spending time with family or just enjoying coffee while watching chickens scratch around. I’m interested in talking to middle age women, someone who would be willing to share with me bits about their life raising animals, vegetables or children. Someone who will share their thoughts on the particular day they may choose to write me. I’m looking for honesty and openness in a friend. Financial status & educational level are unimportant. I would prefer writing a woman from India, because I find the country fascinating. I’m only interested in snail mail pen pals. Seeking a lasting friendship, not a romance.

Registration: 16th March 2018

Dana, F, 1997, Bahrain
Writing language: Arabic, English
Correspondence: e-mail
Hello everyone!! My name is Dana and I’m 20 years old from Kingdom of Bahrain, it’s a very small island in the middle of the Arbian Gulf. I study English literature and translation, so I was looking for a website that I can write and make friendships through and I found pen friend club. My intention is to improve my writing skill and write to different peole around the world.

Registration: 15th March 2018

meliha, F, 2001, Turkey
Writing language: Turkish, Thai, German
Correspondence: e-mail

Registration: 15th March 2018

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