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Lucia, F, 2001, Spain
Writing language: Spanish, English
Correspondence: e-mail
Hi! my name is Lucia and I'm from Spain I love Asian cultures like japanese and korean because I like watching anime, doramas and K-pop my favourite group is BTS. Would you be my new friend?

Registration: 19th October 2018

Cookie, F, 2003, China
Writing language: Chinese, English, Japanese
Correspondence: e-mail
Hello,this is Cookie.

Registration: 2nd October 2018      Last change: 19th October 2018

Ishrat, F, 1993, Bangladesh
Writing language: Bengali (Bangla), English, French
Correspondence: e-mail
This is Ishrat. A very simple calm girl..sometimes talkative and childish too..At some extent I feel that I have none to talk even though I’m surrounded with so many here I am..looking forward to meet some new people from all over the world and share what we have been going through in our daily lives..

Registration: 19th October 2018

Sara, F, 2004, Czech Republic
Writing language: English
Correspondence: e-mail
Hi, I'm Sara. I come from the Czech Republic and want "penfriends". Ehhh ... I love photography, animals and nature. I ride a longboard. I also ride on horses and start again in late October, because I like the horse very much and I miss it. I also want to travel a lot in the future, so I want to improve in English. I'm writing a "book," but it's very funny... So - I'll wait for the answers!

Registration: 4th October 2018      Last change: 19th October 2018

Femi, F, 2002, Malaysia
Writing language: English
Correspondence: both e-mail and snail mail
Hey there! I'm just looking for some new friends. Interested in the culture of other countries as well. i'm also a very open person! i'm in the lgbtq+ community

Registration: 19th October 2018

Heather, F, 1947, United Kingdom
Writing language: English
Correspondence: e-mail
I live in Northern Ireland, I only speak English, I live with my husband who is a Potter, we both are Artists, and I make jewelley using pottery beads and paper beads that I make myself. my hobbies include reading, my electric bike, our campervan, walking my little old dog, and doing puzzles on my computer

Registration: 19th October 2018

Victoria Daniels, F, 1981, United States
Writing language: English
Correspondence: e-mail
My name is Victoria and I am an American. my parents died when I was young before my father was in the military and stationed in South Africa he helped start a mining business and held shares in that company upon his death those shares went to me. The gold over the years has gotten smaller and smaller due to greed corruption and bribery. Now I get a small portion. and I did not want to loose so I thought is the best way to get a friend will be through Penpal like this one, for a friendship and mutual partner who is a reliable trustworthy investor. Basically, all I need is integrity and honor which brings trust in business and that is the essential foundations upon which all real success depends and the key to trust is action and commitments. If you agree to these terms please contact me and we shall prepare an Equity Investment Agreement with my Attorney here in the united states.where we shall state the profit sharing pattern

Registration: 6th May 2017      Last change: 19th October 2018

Maha, F, 1986, Tunisia
Writing language: Arabic, French, English
Correspondence: both e-mail and snail mail
Hello I am a 32 years old lady from Tunisia currently seeking friendship with new people across the world! I like writing letters, reading books, watching TV andlistening to music such as shania twain and celine dion's songs... I use to have a penpal when I was younger and would love to start again. so please don't hesitate and reply.

Registration: 5th November 2008      Last change: 19th October 2018

Kenza, F, 2002, France
Writing language: French, English, Arabic
Correspondence: e-mail
My name is Kenza. I am 16 years old.

Registration: 18th October 2018

Katarína, F, 2002, Slovakia
Writing language: English, French, German
Correspondence: e-mail
Hello everyone ! I am 15 years old girl from Slovakia. I love animals. Horses, birds and dogs are the best :). I love songs from Tom Rosnethal. I love nature. My hobbies are drawing (mostly animals), reading books, taking photos, listening to music and watching films and series. I hope that I willl find some new friends from another country with similar hobbies :)

Registration: 28th March 2017      Last change: 18th October 2018

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